Villa Odessa WH Residence

Arcadia, Black Sea

In Odessa, implemented ultramodern, ambitious project that has no analogues in style, design and its functionality — the Residence Villa WH RESIDENCE. The residence was designed by the architectural studio M3 Architects. Favorable territorial location is suitable for any request of the new owner, both for owning as an apartment building and in the format of the hotel business (rent of a residence). 


Вилла Одесса логотип
Вилла в одесской Аркадии
фото виллы в Украине

As soon as you get the residence, you will forget about everything that happens outside of it.  You can only admire the surrounding beauty, relax and enjoy the rest being there.


Territory of villas 

Outside territory — perfect spase to relax at the residence. Competent use of space, with the possibility of its zoning, allows you to rest on the territorry with large companies. Only on the first level about 50 people at a time can have a rest without interupting each other. And don’t forget that you can also usь the terraces of the Second and third levels! With the help of special constructions it is possible to divide the territory int two zones. 

на вилле у бассейна фото
какие есть виллы с бассейном в Одессе, фото

Two large swimming pools

On the territory of the are swimming pools size size meters (depth go 1.6-2.0 meters). You can also use additional water hydromassage attractions such as counter flow. The water in the pools is heated by a common heating system, as well as solar collectors installed on the roof of the houses. The pools are equipped with a highly efficient and water disinfection system, glass mosaic tiles are custom-made.

Lounge area

On the terraces of the first level there are furniture sets for a large company, leather sofas, beds and trestle beds at swimming pools. Well-groomed terraces with comfortable sunbeds and lounge music set the comfort and style of this place. On the territory of the residence there is a separate room for staff with professional cuisine.

вип недвижимость в Одессе, фото
премиум апартаменты Одесса


The green zones of the local territory are planted with a roll lawn and exotic trees, which add extra comfort. Trees and lawns are watered with an automatic irrigation system. Street vases for plants made of very strong material — quartzite, are made by individual order, that complement the general ensemble of villas.

Evening relaxation

The green zones of the local territory are planted with a roll lawn and exotic trees, which add extra comfort. Trees and lawns are watered with an automatic irrigation system. Street vases for plants made of very strong material — quartzite, are made by individual order, that complement the general ensemble of villas.

villa wh residence

We offer:

New swimming pool 4×10 m.

Concierge 24/7


Territory cleaning

Cleaning on the villas

Protected area

Security Cameras


Playgrounds 200m.

Park, cafes 200m.

Yacht Club 500m.

Beach 500m.

Restaurant 700m.

Aquapark 800m.

Arcadia Night Club 900m.

Vacation at the villas WH Residence

The proximity of the WH Residence to Arcadia (900 m); Yacht Club NEPTUN (600 m), Yunost Park (300) — will give an opportunity to enjoy Odessa guests with all the luxuries of the night life of the city, the most fashionable clubs in the country; to make sea walks on a yacht, hydrocycles; visit the best delicious restaurants of the coast: restaurants Fish, Absheron, Reef, Columbus and many others; to bring children to the water park Hawaii, and of course to bask in the sunshine of the sea coast.

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Buy WH Residence

Вилла логотип

Sale of villas WH Residence 

фассад Виллы в Одессе


Total area sq.m. included terraces

2 Villas - 1056 sq.m.

Price agreed
  • Purchase of the whole Residence (two villas). Purchase of two villas with a total useful area of ​​1056 sq.m., including terraces.The land plot with a total area of ​​13.75 acres, on which there is an additional structure with a kitchen for staff.
Аркадия премиум апартаменты


Total area sq.m. included terraces

1 Villa - 528 sq.m.

Price agreed
  • Purchase of one villa with a total useful area of ​​528 sq.m., including terraces. The land plot with a total area of ​​6.75 acres, with a separate entrance and parking spaces.

Interior of WH

интерьер VIP виллы
интерьер VIP виллы в Одессе
элитный дом Одесса
элитный дом в Одессе фото
элитная Вилла
wh residence
элитная Вилла в Одессе, вид
элитная Вилла в Одессе фото внутри
как выглядит Вилла у моря
девушка на Вилле фото
WH Residence guests have sauna with direct access to the terraces and pool on the first floor.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

Residence White House consists of 2 houses of a mirror design. Each house has 4 bedrooms, with access to the terraces — that are located on the second and third floors. In every bedroom there are entrance cloakrooms with mirrors and bright lighting, and private bathrooms for more Comfort of our quests. In each house, a company can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people (2 house = 20 persons).


Бассейн виллы

Project idea

7-years history

In 2011, an idea to create an exclusive and unique project was born. Close to the Yacht Club and the center of the active life of Odessa — Arkadia, that meant to be one of the greatest architectual attractions among others. And only in 2012 we found a suitable place with all positive factors of the location to implement the planned project near to the sea.

Construction period 2011-2017 year

Вилла логотип

WH ResidenceТМ Odessa

Villas style


WH Residence — a place of luxurious holidays on the Black Sea coast in Odessa. This Villa is the quintessence of style, luxury and minimalism. Clear lines intertwine with bright colors of the sea coast, secluded space borders on the best recreational zone of the city — Arcadia. Close to the beach, parks, attractions, nightlife of Odessa and the yacht club, WH Residence will satisfy everyone.

схематическое изображение виллы

вилла для бизнеса в Одессе фото
морская вилла в продаже в Одессе

The philosophy of construction

Professional approach

Holding the tenders and making choice among the best known world suppliers of the equipment and materials, as well as subsequent technical and architectual control of quality at each stage — are the main principles of the Villa construction. Also it is about engineering supervision, which was carried out at the stage of production of iron-concrete structures. The start of the work began only after conducting professional geodetic research with the laying of the foundation taking into account the reserve of seismic resistance.

схема Виллы на фото

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Placing of rooms:

1 floor

  1. Hall — 7,9 sq.m.
  2. Hall – 58,3 sq.m.
  3. Kitchen-studio – 50,9 sq.m.
  4. Wardrobe – 7,0 sq.m.
  5. Technical room – 9,8 sq.m.
  6. Wardrobe room – 6,4 sq.m.
  7. Shower  – 7,0 sq.m.
  8. Technical room – 9,1 sq.m.
  9. Terrace – 28,32 sq.m.
  10. Terrace – 21,60 sq.m.

2 floor

  1. Hall– 21,1 sq.m.
  2. Bedroom – 24,8 sq.m.
  3. Bedroom – 23,9 sq.m.
  4. Bedroom – 17,1 sq.m.
  5. Shower – 9,1 sq.m.
  6. Bathroom – 10,0 sq.m.
  7. Hall – 5,9 sq.m.
  8. Wardrobe – 3,5 sq.m.
  9. Wardrobe – 3,4 sq.m.
  10. Terrace – 68,88 sq.m.

3 floor

  1. Hall – 21,3 sq.m.
  2. Bedroom – 20,3 sq.m.
  3. Bedroom – 18,1 sq.m.
  4. Bedroom – 10,0 sq.m.
  5. Bathroom – 10,2 sq.m.
  6. Shower – 10,0 sq.m.
  7. Wardrobe – 6,3 sq.m.
  8. Terrace – 34,25 sq.m.

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Terms of cooperation.

Our company invites for cooperation Agents that understand the main principles of working with Premium class Clients.

The main requirement for cooperation is a visit to WH Residence and acquaintance. There is a system of motivation. We are waiting for your questions.